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Presenting the Huckster (Sigh)

As if there are not enough reasons to believe that the Republican Party is beyond saving, I present to you Mike Huckabee.

The former Arkansas governor, television talk show host, and wannabe preacher has now returned to the presidential campaign trail. With all the problems facing this country, Huckabee has managed to find a new one. Fresh from his critique of Beyoncé’s dance moves – he wondered if her husband, Jay-Z, was a “pimp” for allowing her to perform in public and criticized President Obama for allowing Malia and Natasha to watch her – Huckabee is now deeply concerned about women cussing in public. Such women are “trashy,” Huckabee avers. Now, I can think of many things that I look for in a presidential candidate, but the guardian of women’s virtue is not among them.

Perhaps Huckabee is just trying to fill the Rick Santorum slot in the GOP field. After all, four years ago Santorum told us that, if elected, he would use the presidential bully pulpit to warn Americans about the evils of contraception. The only problem with that is that Santorum himself is back, running once more to protect America from illicit sex.

Meanwhile, Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon who has also caught the presidential bug, has been reviving the bigoted canard that gay marriage is akin to bestiality or pedophilia. That too has long been a Santorum position.

Now it is true that Huckabee, Santorum, and Carson are not going to win the Republican presidential nomination. But the fact that the party continues to treat them as serious people suggests that too many Republicans have not yet learned their lesson.